Customer Spotlights

Back Creek Angus

Customers Robin & Joe Hampton pose

Back Creek Angus LLC 

Hometown: Mt. Ulla, NC 

Size of Operation: 100+ Acres

Years in Business: 30+

Years Working with Farm Credit: 30+

The herd of registered Angus cattle grazing the vibrant green pastures at Robin and Joe Hampton’s farm in Mt. Ulla, North Carolina, makes for a stunning picture. Pair the black cattle with the white Katahdin sheep that roam the pastures and you have a study in contrasts, one that works well for this duo.

Robin and Joe established their Angus herd in 1981 and added Katahdin sheep in the early 1990s. “It all started out as a love for animals,” says Robin, “and that pairs really well if you’re trying to sell animals. It just means you are going to take better care of them.” 

Both Robin and Joe spent their careers working in agriculture while farming on the side. They are now retired from full-time, off farm jobs, and relish the time they can spend together tending their farm and providing the best conditions possible for their livestock. It’s what they’ve always done; they just have more time for it now. 

They draw from what they have learned through the years, such as their involvement in the American Angus Association (Joe served as president in 2011) and continuing education opportunities. It all pays off. In the past, their opportunity to travel to countries such as Argentina and Australia as well as 23 different states helped them learn about some of the best grazing practices for cattle. They now implement rotational, regenerative grazing practices on their property that keeps both the livestock happy and the land thriving environmentally. 

High quality, locally raised meat is in demand and Back Creek Angus sells both pasture-raised beef and lamb through their own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box and to Firsthand Foods in the Triangle area of the state. Self-proclaimed steak snobs, they pride themselves on growing premium quality beef with the right amount of marbling that designates it as GAP certified Angus beef, a hallmark and guide to consumers regarding its premium flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. “We want to eat our beef; if we don’t eat it then we really shouldn’t be selling it to somebody else,” says Robin. “Customers know how it is raised. They know what we do and that it’s never, never, never. No antibiotics, no added hormones, and no animal byproduct feed.”

 Robin and Joe often host visitors to their farm, whether it’s through Chamber of Commerce events in their area, Certified Angus Beef suppliers and their sales teams, Farm-City Week or other groups. “We’re trying to help people see that farming is mostly farm families that are raising their animals with care.” Carolina Farm Credit Loan Officer Scott Lee says that both Robin and Joe have a passion and knowledge for agriculture that’s apparent whenever they talk with others. They are great spokespersons for agriculture, he says. Others agree. They were recognized with the 2018 Certified Angus Beef Ambassador Award for their work in helping people understand where their food comes from.

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“I really like working with Farm Credit. They're very responsive to our needs and they're very easy to work with.”
Robin Hampton, Mt. Ulla, NC