Until We Meet Again

Where has this summer gone? I have spent this summer working as a loan officer intern for Carolina Farm Credit. My mentors, Steven Robbins and Alison Sechrest, have been wonderful hosts and have taught me so much about lending and how to better serve farmers. I have had a passion for agriculture since I was younger and this internship has helped me find where I would like to fit in to this industry. I have learned how to communicate with customers when they come in for a loan, how to read tax returns and W-2 forms, and learned more about a few of the many industries that Farm Credit supports. We have been on home construction and farm visits throughout the summer that gave me a better understanding of what loan officers do.

During my time here, I have tried to get a better understanding of the phases a loan goes through. Chase the Credit Analyst in Asheboro, Maegan the Training Specialist in Asheboro, Stacey the Loan Processor in Siler City, Malissa the Loan Assistant in Siler City, and John Michael a Consumer Loan Officer in Siler City all let me sit with them over the course of my internship. I want to say a big thank you to them for helping me gain a better understanding of the process a loan goes through. The interns went on a farm visit to Metrolina with the Marketing Team, we have worked together on a project and become a great team with the support of our Project Leader, Colin. It has been a true pleasure to get to know and work with Colin, Lauren, Will, and Jalen.

We all took a work preferences quiz to learn more about our personalities and where we would fit into the Farm Credit family. Hannah has been a great resource for helping me understand where I can grow professionally that would even help me in my personal life. Some of my favorite moments this summer was seeing how farmers and their loan officers can build such a great relationship that some offices have multiple generations who trust them with helping maintain and expand their farms. Overall, this experience has taught me more than I could have expected and I have made some amazing connections. Thank you so much to Steven, Alison, Colin, Hannah, Lauren, Jalen, Will, and the rest of the Farm Credit Family!