Spring is in the Air and Green is Everywhere

Written By: Jocelyn Roten

SPRING has finally arrived for 2018 . . . well it has tried at least! This season brings a celebration of new life, greener pastures, warmer weather, budding plants, and so much more.

It also means that Carolina Farm Credit’s Customer Appreciation Events and Cash Dividend (Patronage) rollout are right around the corner.

During the month of April, each of our 32 branch offices will host a dinner event for their members. These Customer Appreciation Events always offer a delicious meal, fun door prizes, and the opportunity for fellowship among our staff and members. Even better, it gives our employees the chance to hand out some green to our members, in the form of Cash Dividend checks.

Because Carolina Farm Credit is a cooperative, each year the Board of Directors analyzes our financials and determines what percentage of our net income will be retained to strengthen the Association and what amount will be distributed back to the members. Since 1988, when this program first began, Carolina Farm Credit has returned almost $471 million back to it’s members. This year, a Cash Dividend of $21.57 million will be returned to our members’ pockets.

“When we distribute our profits to our borrowers, it reduces their effective cost of borrowing,” CEO Vance C. Dalton, Jr. stated, “and it proves that there are distinct financial benefits in doing business on a cooperative basis.”

The main door prize for this year’s Customer Appreciation Events is a brand new 2018 Bobcat 3400 Utility Vehicle, valued over $14,000! We hope our customers enjoy attending the events this year, just as much as we enjoy hosting them.