So, you think you're a photographer?

Written By: Olivia P. Pearson

The photo contest submissions are rolling in for this year’s Carolina Farm Credit photo contest! Submissions are being accepted until May 31st

Here are a few tips to help your submission be a winner in this year’s contest.

1. Landscape

The winners and finalists of our photo contest are printed in our photo calendar. Make sure that your photo is taken with the proper orientation! Take your photos in landscape, not portrait. Photos submitted with a portrait orientation will not qualify for judging. 

2. Owner Rights

Watermarks are how professional photographers get recognition for their photographs. That being said, please do not enter photos that someone else has taken. Please do not submit photos that do not belong to you and have the watermark of a professional photographer, even if you are the professional photographer.

3. Location, Location, Location

To qualify for judging, photos entered in the contest MUST be taken within our territory. Our territory covers the 54 central and western counties of North Carolina. Photos not taken within our territory will not qualify for judging. 

4. Quality Photos

With the invention of smart phones, we realize that some individuals have a high quality camera phone. Photos taken on your phone look great on that screen, but when you translate that to a computer screen and into print, the photo doesn’t always show up at its best! We recommend using a digital photograph for the highest quality photo!