Six Weeks and Counting

Written By: Nick McGlamery

Just over a month and a half with Carolina Farm Credit and I already feel at home. Each week here presents itself with new opportunities; from learning how to successfully make and service a loan, to seeing exactly how connected Farm Credit is to the local communities, and everywhere in between.


Last week I had the opportunity to team up with everyone from the Jefferson branch, Boone branch, and a few volunteers from the community in order to help complete their community project. Together we were able to build a wheelchair-accessible deck and a bench on the backside of the old Ashe County Courthouse. Now visitors are able to sit back and relax, enjoy some fresh mountain air, and take in the beauty of the community garden. Below are a few pictures that show the progress we were able to make:

This week the interns had the opportunity to tour a few farms in Cleveland County thanks Kaylei Scott and a few others, who helped make this possible. We were able to tour ASR Grain Co. and Knob Creek Farms & Creamery. Visiting these farms helped us to see how important a single operation can be to multiple communities and the role that Farm Credit is able to play in these relationships.

At ASR Grain we were able to see how grain goes from the field, all the way to the end consumer, and how they have helped boost the local economy. At Knob Creek we were able to tour the facility, enjoy some ice cream, and gain a better understanding of exactly how much work goes into getting a blackberry to the end consumer.

On top of an 80-foot grain bin at ASR Grain Co.

As our time with CFC nears the end, the other interns and I are busy working on our project and preparing for our presentation. It’s hard to imagine what other experiences will be coming my way with nearly one month left of this internship, but I cannot wait to see what else is in store.