Saying Goodbye

Written by: Leanna Sherrill

My time at Farm Credit has flown by, but isn’t the saying "time flies when you’re having fun!"

Prior to becoming an intern, I didn’t know much about Carolina Farm Credit. I knew they offered loans to individuals wanting to purchase a piece of land or a house. But after working here this summer, my eyes have definitely been opened up to the world of Farm Credit. I have learned a lot about how involved they are in the community and have learned a great deal of financial information that I will personally take into consideration in the future.

This internship has helped me increase my communication skills and delve into the world of marketing. At school it is much different. I am only taught how businesses market their company, why they market, and some of the tools they use. But working here has helped me realize what my interests are more specifically and it has helped me learn more than I ever would in a classroom.

As an intern, I worked on navigating through the various databases, looking through member records, learning about social media marketing, and creating written content. I also was involved in the 2020 intern project with the four other interns. We worked to create training modules for those who want to learn more about the basics of finance. Even though we did not meet in person, it was a great experience to work with each of them.

The hands-on aspect of my internship was my favorite. I liked that the team allowed me to try things on my own and provide me with their feedback. I emphasize team because that is what stood out to me the most about the marketing department at Carolina Farm Credit. They all support one another and have each other’s backs in any situation. From the first day of my internship they have made me feel like a member of their team, and I am so blessed to have learned so much from each one of them.

I am thankful for their willingness to help and teach me what is involved in their daily lives here at CFC.