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Written By: Kaylei Scott

Hi, my name is Kaylei Scott and this summer I am working as a Loan Officer Intern at the Shelby Branch of Carolina Farm Credit. 

I am also dual-enrolled with twelve credit hours this summer at Isothermal Community College and the University of Mount Olive working towards my degree in Agribusiness Management.

I was born and raised in Rutherford County, NC – more specifically the Sandy Mush area. I have a small background of farming from my early years of helping with my family’s farm. As a senior in high school, I served as the President of the Chase FFA Chapter and was also involved in many other community outreach programs.

So far in my internship, I have learned many important skills that employees need in order for the business to flow successfully; I have also been able to tour Knob Creek Farms, assist with a Leadership Cleveland event, and work diligently on the intern project for this year.

This past week, June 18th-23rd, I helped with a Leadership Camp sponsored by the McNair Education Foundation. The camp taught students how to use the skills and characteristics they already have in order to gain a better understanding of how to be a successful leader. While serving as a College Mentor Trainee for the camp, I learned many important attributes that I already possess and how those attributes will help me in the roles I must take when working for an organization. I found that the camp helped me to attain better skills that I can use during my internship at Farm Credit and beyond.

On June, 20th I attended a training and development conference in Columbia, SC. The conference covered an overview and history of the Farm Credit System, and also allowed me to develop the skills that I will need as a Loan Officer. During the session we had the opportunity to tour the AgFirst facility, which is housed in the Bank of America Plaza; I found it interesting that AgFirst owns the building and Bank of America rents and pays for their logo to be displayed. The facility had state of the art technology and security systems, you had to use your key card to move from one floor to the next on the elevator – how cool is that!

I am extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve as an intern for the Farm Credit organization, and for the skills that I have learned thus far. The Farm Credit organization has such an amazingly friendly atmosphere; the people that work for and borrow from the organization create a caring, family-like environment that is a great place to be.