A Quick Guide to Our Corporate Mission Fund Grant

Written By: Olivia P. Pearson

You’ve probably seen our Corporate Mission Fund Grant Recipients on our social media!

Want to know what it is? Want to know how to get a piece of the pie? Read on to find out more!

What is the Corporate Mission Fund Grant?

  • An application-based grant program where non-profit organizations can apply for up to $5,000 per year to help in their agriculture endeavors
  • Grants are awarded to organizations that strive to enhance agriculture in rural communities in North Carolina
  • There is also a scholarship portion of the fund that is awarded to college students studying agriculture at NCSU or NC A&T, applications still open for A&T until April 15th!

When can I apply?

  • Grant applications will be accepted from January 1st to September 1, 2018
  • Grants are awarded in the fourth quarter

Do I qualify?

  • To qualify for a grant, programs must be located within the 54 counties and geographic areas where Carolina Farm Credit conducts business.
  • To be considered for funding, organizations’ values and purpose must align with the mission to enhance agriculture in rural communities in NC.
  • Individuals and private farms are NOT eligible for the grant 

Who else has been awarded the grant?

  • We’ve had a variety of projects awarded each year.