Like A Pig In Mud

Hey there!

I am Michaela French, this year’s Lender Intern for the Yanceyville office. I have just completed my first week here with Carolina Farm Credit and boy am I excited about what lies ahead this summer. So far, I have been learning a lot about the general loan process from my mentor and each member in my office. Currently, things are a bit slow because of COVID-19. Despite that, my mentor has taken that opportunity to allow me to explore the software she utilizes on a daily basis when gathering information for a possible loan. I have had the ability to sit in with our Branch Office Coordinator, Morgan, as she has verified the information on a loan in order to get it booked. I then was able to see that process carried out through the next step of actually booking the loan by our Branch Associate Accountant, Katie. This week I have pulled deeds, visited a construction site, and have started organizing topics for our intern project.

My passion for agricultural is the reason I sought out this opportunity with Carolina Farm Credit. I grew up on a small cattle farm in Rockingham County. We have a herd of about 45 registered artificially inseminated (AI) black angus. We also have a small chicken operation of Golden Comets. I have two horses, Harley and Cole, despite my dad’s best effort to talk me out of getting them. He likes to say that all a horse is good for is tearing up the grass in his pastures. Growing up on a farm instilled a strong desire to serve the families that work hard to put food on our tables.

I am currently a senior at North Carolina State University, majoring in Agricultural Business Management and a double minor is Economics and Entrepreneurship, with plans to graduate this fall!

Already, I have felt like part of the Carolina Farm Credit Family. Everyone here is an absolute joy and has made me feel welcomed since day 1! I am so excited to see what is in store for me this summer at Carolina Farm Credit!