Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Written By: Sarah Justice

I can’t believe that the summer is already halfway over! Where has the time gone? I feel like I was just walking through the doors on my first day in Statesville and now I’ve been here just a little bit over a month.

Being an intern here has allowed me the opportunity to go and see places I would have never thought. All the way from the Intern and New Hire Training in Columbia, SC to all of the farms I have visited and the people I have met! None of that would have been possible without Farm Credit. It becomes evident the more time that I spend here that there is a strong relationship between this association and the community that surrounds it.


In Columbia, SC Ronnie Hucks taught a class for Interns from AgSouth, Carolina Farm Credit, and Cape Fear Farm Credit, just to name a few, but there were so many other associations present. The class was two days total where we learned about the history of Farm Credit and much more! I feel that I benefited from learning about who is and isn’t eligible for a loan as wells as what to look for on a potential borrowers balance sheet and tax returns. Lastly we were given the opportunity to go over a loan case study where we decided whether or not we would give a loan to a borrower based on the information provided.

I have also been learning a lot about the different aspects of the loan making process. The loan officer and the borrower form a relationship throughout the loan process. There is more to it than just a big red stamp on a piece of paper that reads “approved”.


I love being able to go out and do farm visits. The people we see take so much pride in what they do and the business that they have built. My favorite places that I have been so far were a couple of horse farms. The facilities were beautiful and the pastures went on for what seemed like forever.

Overall, just being able to see how Farm Credit has helped change people’s lives and make their dreams come true is amazing!

The summer is quickly gaining speed and before I know it, it will be over. I cherish my time spent here with everyone at the Rural Hall Branch. There is a lot to learn about Farm Credit and there are lots of people that could have taught me, but I am thankful to have landed here with this particular group of people! I have really enjoyed the past few weeks here getting to know everyone, this is just one happy Farm Credit family!