My Time at Carolina Farm Credit

Written By: Brandon Fritz

Hey everyone, this is Brandon Fritz and I am finishing my Human Resources internship here at Carolina Farm Credit.   

This internship is helping me finish my degree in Psychology with a concentration in Business Administration. I am attending Appalachian State University, and even though I love Boone, I am very happy to be back in the city and close to family. I am 24 years old and enjoy movies, hiking, hockey, and hanging out with my friends. I am also trying to learn to play Frisbee Golf, but right now, it is more like hide and seek. 

I am extremely grateful for this internship and being able to learn so much from everyone at Carolina Farm Credit. I learned a great deal from diving right in and reorganizing personnel files, helping with retirement, new employee orientation, and in our HR meetings. Ashleigh and Hannah were great in letting me observe them while they worked and I was able to learn a ton from them. They taught me about company payroll, personality tests for new hires, and the administrative side of training and development. It was amazing being able to get some experience doing a variety of new things. I don't know what I want to do after this internship, so it has been helpful to see the different avenues I can potentially take in this field.

This is my first office job, so on top of all the human resource-related tasks; I also learned how an office operates. It is great that I got experience handling emails, using the copier, and doing other general office tasks.

I had a great time working here at Carolina Farm Credit. I loved meeting all of the employees and learning so many new things. I will remember this internship throughout my career, and maybe one day my career will bring me back to Farm Credit. Until then, thank you, all for such a fun experience and I hope to see you around soon!