More than an Internship

More than an Internship

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? I can’t believe the summer is coming to an end already. The first day at orientation feels like yesterday and yet I have been able to grow tremendously as a professional over the last couple months. I remember being told at orientation that it wouldn’t take but a couple weeks to get adjusted to being in the Farm Credit family, and they were right. My experience here at Carolina Farm Credit has been nothing short of great.

This summer, I have spent my time as a Loan Officer Intern primarily at the Yadkinville branch but also at Taylorsville as well. The two biggest objectives of the internship have been to learn the ins and outs of CFC’s lending process for various types of loans from the application all the way down to closing as well as the completion of a project that is assigned to all the interns. However, this summer has not just been sitting in the office. I have gotten to go on farm visits accompanying my mentor to acquire documents or signatures to continue the loan process as well as construction sites to conduct inspections. Carolina Farm Credit set up some visits strictly for educational purposes, such as getting to see and meet the people behind The Berry Patch in Ellerbe or the Metrolina Greenhouses in Huntersville. We have been able to see the operation of different scaled farms and agricultural related businesses. Having grown up on a smaller family farm it has been really insightful and eye opening to see larger operations that are typically still owned within a single family name.

Aside from working under the wing of a loan officer, Carolina Farm Credit has made sure we get to see every side of the loan process and the organization as a whole. I have gotten to see how the loan processors allow things to run smoothly as the loan moves through the system. I have also gotten the opportunity to ride along with an appraiser to develop a better understanding of how appraisal numbers are developed. CFC also allowed all the interns to make the trip to Colombia, South Carolina this summer for a Farm Credit training which allowed us all to see AgFirst, the bank that covers the majority of the Farm Credit organizations in the southeast.

I am thankful for all the opportunities that have been provided to us. This has been more than just an internship. I’ve had the chance to see different parts of our state, meet new people, and form new relationships. Carolina Farm Credit really goes out of their way to make this a great educational experience. I’d like to thank everyone here at CFC for all they’ve done this summer but especially my mentor, Devin Carter, and my supervisors, Hannah Ogg and Scott Green.

Written By: Aaron Sloan - 2022 Loan Officer Intern