Life As A Lending Intern

Hello everyone, my name is Judd Price and this summer I will be working with both the Alleghany and Jefferson office as a Lending Intern. I am from Warrensville, North Carolina which is super close to the Jefferson office. My family runs a small scale cattle operation, tending to about 40 head of cattle and their calves every year. I have always had an interest in agriculture but never thought I would make a career out of it until I got to school and learned that there are endless opportunities in this field. I am a rising senior at North Carolina State University studying Agricultural Business Management with a minor in Economics.


My time here at Farm Credit has already been such a blessing, I have met many great people and learned so much about the lending world. I have been working with Stacey Barker in Alleghany and she has shown me the ins and outs of what her day to day work life looks like. I have seen the many steps it takes to complete a loan, from the beginning all the way to the end. Since I have been here, I learned how to work the software and utilize it to make processing a loan as quick and efficient as possible. I was able to work with her from the start of a loan and got to learn how the interest rate for loans are decided. Also, we have been out looking at properties that customers are looking to buy to make sure that there is ride of way into the property.

With all that is going on the world right now, I am very grateful that I was still able to get this wonderful experience working with Farm Credit. Everyone has been very welcoming to me and I could not be more thankful!